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Fundraising for medical supplies in Ukraine

Surgeon urgently needs materials to treat the wounded 

Last Wednesday, the Djakoejoe foundation received a distressed call for help from a befriended Ukrainian surgeon. The continuous heavy fighting in (amongst others Bachmut), has lead to an endless stream of wounded people from cities where heavy fighting occurs and adjacent villages, to their hospital. Resulting in a rapid depletion of the hospital’s supplies. They urgently need various bandages and other medical materials and a to resupply their VAC material. Furthermore they also need the smaller Pico7 machines.. Please find a detailed list of requested items below. As the situation is dire, we would like to help them as soon as possible.

Previous successful fundraising initiatives for Ukraine

In the last months we have successfully supplied this same hospital with VAC appliances (Vacuum-Assisted Closure of a Wound). Next to the VAC materials, the surgeon also needs the smaller Pico 7 wound therapy systems . And other supplies as listed below. At this time the Djakoejoe Foundation lacks the funds to support this request for supplies, valued at about €25,000. Therefore, we are reaching out to you and your network, to help us raise the necessary funds as soon as possible.

What can you do if you want to help?

  1. Donate to as we need to raise €25,000 euro as fast as possible
  2. Join the #thinktank session coming Tuesday January 24th, at 19:30u at Dome-X, Kanaalstraat 12B, 5347 KM, Oss.
  3. Activate your personal and business network. Ask them what they can do to help. And please share this article with your network and get in touch with us if they can help.
  4. If you have an entry into a hospital or business that can supply any of these materials, please reach out to them and ask what they can do.

Details of the requested materials:

  • Collection container (= canister) for wound exudate collection – 1000 ml with integrated suction tube (this suction tube is connected to the bandage (via suction pad): box of 8 pcs: 280 Containers*
  • Exsudex® Black Foam Dressing Kit – Medium – EXF-SGA-M-LL, 100 pcs*

*These materials already have been ordered with temporary funding.

In addition, they also need:

  • PICO 7 with bandages 10х20см at least some. For superficial wounds. (If you can find these, that would be great)
  • These are smaller pumps for smaller wounds. We need to buy the device + bandages.

Total estimate price of all the above is about €25,000

About the Djakoejoe Foundation: fundraising for Ukraine!

Your donation is in good hands at Stichting Djakoejoe (with official ANBI status). In the last year we have launched multiple fundraising initiatives for Ukraine. We’ve sent monetary support, tents, sleeping bags, medical supplies and more, to various regions in Ukraine. All with an estimated value of over €300,000. Check out our team here. 

Truck with 5 pallets of sleepingbags for kids.
Truck with 5 pallets of sleepingbags for kids. We delivered in total 900 sleepingbags for kids.
A volunteer helping with collecting large amount of sleepingbags for adults.
A volunteer helping with collecting large amount of sleepingbags for adults.
EHBO kits that were donated by the Aspen Fire department on the birthday of Paul van Workum
EHBO kits that were donated by the Aspen Fire department on the birthday of Paul van Workum

Our goal is to help the people of Ukraine with (emergency) aid and sustainable reconstruction. We do this, among other things, by collecting money and goods. We support local initiatives and encourage entrepreneurship. Furthermore, we’ll take care of transportation of all goods and will make sure everything arrives in the right place. For questions: Paul[at] Please follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn or read our latest articles to stay informed.

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