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Doctors in Ukraine are close to despair

Vacuum-Assisted Cure helps seriously injured patients recover. But more help is needed soon.

Eighty-five euros. It’s the price you pay here for casually filling up your car. 3,000 kilometers to the east, on the front line in Ukraine, it is the price of medical treatment that saves those who are wounded from war. And there is a constant shortage of medical aid and treatment.

Not a day goes by without serious
injuries on the eastern Ukrainian front. Hospitals in Lviv, among others, treat gunshot and
shrapnel wounds on a daily basis. Soldiers and volunteers who fought for their country are now fighting
for their lives. In a hospital where nurses do as best they can. Where doctors like Dimitri have to work 36-
The seriously injured just keep coming. Help is urgently needed. And you can directly help the doctors
and nurses.

VAC devices are crucial in the treatment of war casualties

One of the best treatments for healing large wounds quickly is Vacuum-Assisted Cure (VAC). A wound is
hermetically sealed from the outside air, after which a special vacuum pump lowers the pressure on the
wound and drains excess wound fluid and blood to a reservoir.
– It reduces swelling.
– It reduces the chance of infection.
– It helps the wound close faster.
– It stimulates blood circulation, and thus recovery.

For doctors and nurses in war zones, treating patients with VAC devices has many benefits:

– Patients recover better and faster.
– Doctors can therefore save more patients.
– This allows nurses to care for more patients.

Simply put, VAC devices are one of the most effective means of helping as many wounded as possible in
this war situation. And they are reusable. But the reservoirs and dressing materials must be replaced after
each treatment (which costs about $85 in materials).

This is how the Djakoejoe Foundation helps

In recent months, the Djakoejoe Foundation has sent Dimitri’s hospital many VAC devices and other
appliances. In total, over €300,000 was donated, in the form of money, sleeping bags, IC equipment and
other medical aids. Just last week, 280 reservoirs and 100 dressing sets for VAC devices were delivered, thanks to ‘Hearts For Ukraine.’ An initiative by Sander de Kramer, a famous Dutch journalist, writer and TV presenter. He was willing to take all aid and transport the aid to Ukraine.

But at this the wounded keep pouring into various hospitals faster than they can be treated. So, urgent
help is still very much needed.

This is how you help Ukraine

The Djakoejoe Foundation is in direct contact with medical personnel in Ukraine to organize exactly the
right support and to ensure that donated funds and materials end up where they need to go. At this time,
€25,000 is urgently needed to help hospitals in eastern Ukraine in the coming weeks.
If you can, please donate now. And also ask your network to chip in and help us raise the money.
Together, we can save lives and provide the patients of Dimitri and his colleagues with the best possible
treatment. Thanks to the ANBI status of the Djakoejoe Foundation, you can donate in a tax-friendly way.
Read more on the website of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

About the Djakoejoe Foundation

Tanya van Workum is the chairman of the Djakoejoe Foundation. She is an entrepreneur active in the
Netherlands, but originally from Ukraine. The foundation offers acute humanitarian aid in Ukraine – in
cooperation with companies and countless volunteers in the Oss region and well beyond. When the war
is over, the Foundation wants to support the Ukrainian population with sustainable reconstruction – by
encouraging local entrepreneurship and be a linking pin between Ukraine, the Netherlands and the EU.

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