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Sending relief supplies in response to local requests

Sending relief supplies in response to local requests

In addition to the campaigns “Hearts for Ukraine” and “VAC devices”, we were able to send a large
amount of relief supplies, especially in the first weeks after the start of the war. We were able to send
about 30 pallets with a total value of 250.000 euro. We were fortunate to receive many donations,
discounts and gifts to help us realize this.

What we have been able to send:

  • 10 patient-monitoring monitors
  • 100.000 euros worth of VAC devices
  • 6 pallets of disinfectants
  • 200 walkie-talkies
  • 349 sleeping bags
  • 900 childrens’ sleeping bags
  • 423 sleeping mats
  • 82 headlamps
  • 20 power banks and 15×16 AAA batteries
  • 2 adjustable hospital beds
  • 35 first aid kits
  • 7 pallets with boxes and a truck and pallets for transportation

More than 600 bags were ordered for the campaign with the hearts and 5,000 euros of proceeds were
donated to the Red Cross. Part of the proceeds were put into relief supplies.

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