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Stoves for Ukraine

The terrible bombing of civilian targets was the reason to set up our campaign ‘Stoves for Ukraine’.
Sander de Kramer and David van Kaam have now sent 10,000 heaters and various generators to
Ukraine. Because of our contacts at local hospitals, we were able to arrange generators for the
operating rooms of 3 hospitals in Mykolaiv.A total of 12 units (with accessories) are now on their way
to Ukraine. The local people are very grateful for this.

We would like to thank Sander en David for the collaboration and transporting the equipment.

We are also involved in a new project where we want to provide 650 refugees with tents, camp beds
and sleeping bags. Contributions to achieving this goal are very much appreciated!

Sander de Kramer met cameraploeg voor een vrachtwagen met generatoren voor het ziekenhuis.
Sander de Kramer with camera crew in front of a truck with generators for the hospital.
De generator van HBM.
The stove from HBM.

Patient monitoring monitors

Patient monitoring monitors

We recently received a request from a hospital in southern Ukraine. This small hospital
doesn’t have enough resources to provide good care. It currently has 30 people in ICU and
only 1 monitor for patient monitoring. With the help of the Djakoejoe Foundation, 10 monitors
are now on their way to this hospital.

Surgeon in hospital in southern Ukraine

Do you also want to contribute to our campaigns and actions for supplies and aid that actually
arrive where they are most needed? Support us.

Other news about this initiative:

Sending relief supplies in response to local requests

Sending relief supplies in response to local requests

In addition to the campaigns “Hearts for Ukraine” and “VAC devices”, we were able to send a large
amount of relief supplies, especially in the first weeks after the start of the war. We were able to send
about 30 pallets with a total value of 250.000 euro. We were fortunate to receive many donations,
discounts and gifts to help us realize this.

What we have been able to send:

  • 10 patient-monitoring monitors
  • 100.000 euros worth of VAC devices
  • 6 pallets of disinfectants
  • 200 walkie-talkies
  • 349 sleeping bags
  • 900 childrens’ sleeping bags
  • 423 sleeping mats
  • 82 headlamps
  • 20 power banks and 15×16 AAA batteries
  • 2 adjustable hospital beds
  • 35 first aid kits
  • 7 pallets with boxes and a truck and pallets for transportation

More than 600 bags were ordered for the campaign with the hearts and 5,000 euros of proceeds were
donated to the Red Cross. Part of the proceeds were put into relief supplies.

Want to help us do even more? Support our initiative.

More updates on this initiative

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