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Children’s Village Zatyshok supports children in Ukraine affected by the war – More help is needed!

The war in Ukraine has had devastating consequences for many children. They have been injured, have lost family or parents, become homeless, and are no longer able to attend school. Many children carry deep traumas with them. Attention and assistance for these children are urgently needed. In a child-friendly environment, they can once again be children and play carefree. They meet peers and can participate in educational and recreational activities. This helps them positively cope with their struggles. 

Children’s Village Zatyshok is full of love and hope

One of the initiatives in Ukraine that the Djakuju Foundation supports to help children is the children’s village “Zatyshok.” It was established with the aim of assisting children who have been displaced by the war. Zatyshok provides a home for over 100 children aged 3 to 18 years old. Some of the children in the children’s village were already residing in an orphanage before the war. These children were already a highly vulnerable group, and now, during the war, they have become even more vulnerable. Additionally, there are children in the village who have lost their parents due to the war. There are families living there who have been torn apart, such as mothers with multiple children and grandparents with grandchildren. In addition to shelter, Zatyshok provides all the children residing there with food, medical care, education, clothing, and rehabilitation.

In an area of 1000 square meters, Zatyshok provides a safe environment for children fleeing from the war. In the village, the children are protected and assisted by anyone who is willing and able to help. Several private entrepreneurs have taken on the responsibility of maintenance. There are people involved who have big hearts. The place is full of love and hope.

Zatyshok faces a significant shortage of material resources

They are in need of many things to properly set up the children’s village. Some of the urgent needs include:

  1. A playground for children: The playground would provide a fun and safe place for the children to play and relax. Various play equipment is required.
  2. A sports field: This is crucial so that the children can engage in sports activities and expend their energy.
  3. Installation of wardrobe cabinets: Placing wardrobe cabinets at the entrance would allow for neat storage of the children’s clothing, creating a tidier environment.

Assistance is needed to make this happen.

Djakoejoe Foundation wants to help!

Djakoejoe Foundation is reaching out to businesses, organizations, and clubs to help properly equip the children’s village. This can be done by “adopting” a play equipment or wardrobe cabinet. The adopted item can then be labeled with the name of the company, and social media posts will be made to acknowledge the contribution. The construction of a sports field requires a substantial investment, and we are seeking sponsors and the assistance of charitable organizations to support this endeavor.

About Djakoejoe Foundation:

Tanya van Workum, a Dutch entrepreneur who is originally from Ukraine, is the chairperson of Djakoejoe Foundation. The foundation, in collaboration with businesses and numerous volunteers, provides emergency humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Additionally, the foundation aims to support the Ukrainian population with sustainable reconstruction efforts and the promotion of local entrepreneurship after the war.

The woman behind the Djakoejoe Foundation: Tanya van Workum

To better understand the motivation behind our Foundation, we interview all the people who have committed themselves wholeheartedly to the Djakoejoe Foundation and its goals. And where better to start than with co-founder Tanya van Workum? Tanya is 36 years old and was born in Lviv, Ukraine. She has completed two bachelor degrees and a masters in Lund, Sweden. There, she met Dutchman  Paul van Workum. Love brought her to the Netherlands in 2011. Their loving family now has 3 children.

Tanya van Workum about 5ProMobile

Tanya: “I have been an entrepreneur since 2016. With 5Pro Mobile we build custom apps (mainly for companies). Our team of 50 developers is based in Ukraine. From the Netherlands I help most of my clients as Product Owner. The app is contrived and developed here in the Netherlands and built by our highly qualified developers in Ukraine. What distinguishes 5Pro from other companies: by working with an excellent Dutch Product Owner who – together with the customer – determines what is needed. And the team of experienced developers who know different programming techniques and languages. Therefore, complex projects are our specialty 🙂!”

Tanya van Workum: Honest, open and hardworking

“Not the woman or the man, Dutch or Ukrainian, Entrepreneur or Employee, but human being. I always go in depth. Shallow, quick and “for the outside world” is not for me. I stand for rational and fair opportunities for everyone. For freedom and respect. For thinking and analyzing.”

Raised in Lviv Ukraine

“My bachelor’s degree in medicine left me with many friends. They all work in healthcare now. My second bachelor is in international economics. I was very involved with local NGOs in Lviv. I worked on semi-political projects aimed at building democracy in Ukraine, strengthening relations between the youth in Crimea and Lviv, as well as between the Eastern Ukraine (Lugansk and Donetsk) and Western Ukraine (Lviv region).”

The road to the Netherlands

“I met Paul during my Erasmus exchange in Sweden. We had been together for 5 months, when I went back to Ukraine and Paul had to go back to Oss. I knew nothing about the Netherlands. What I did know is that I wanted to be with Paul. Living with his parents was not an option. For 6 months we saved everything we could, so that we could afford a small apartment in Oss. I obtained a visa as a job seeking highly skilled migrant (for 1 year). That’s how my life here started. We started with nothing. Everything we have now, we built together. We have a lot in common, trust each other and share the same vision of the world. Which fits in well with our business.”

Tanya van Workum on the war in Ukraine

“The beginning of the war was debilitating. I couldn’t believe it and was scared, sad and worried. I wanted to do something. But where to start? Who to call first? What to ask? It was an avalanche of communication, search queries, people wanting to help and a battered Ukraine crying out for help.”

The Djakoejoe Foundation has already donated over  € 200,000 to hospitals in Ukraine

“We started with a campaign: “Heart for Ukraine.” We sold blue/yellow chocolates and donated the proceeds to the International Red Cross. People from Ukraine kept calling me with requests for relief supplies. At the same time, unknown people approached us with large donations for relief supplies, not only from Oss and the surrounding area! Our network also quickly took action. I can now proudly say that the Djakoejoe Foundation consists of a large group of volunteers and that together we have already arranged over € 200,000 in aid in a few months.”

Hope for a sustainable reconstruction of Ukraine

“I hope to make a big impact on the sustainable reconstruction of Ukraine. I want to do this by helping the business community in Ukraine and stimulating the economy in a sustainable way. We also aim to connect Ukraine and the Netherlands.”

Help us help the hospitals in Ukraine

“We receive requests from hospitals in Ukraine every week. The need is high because so many people are injured. With VAC devices, wounds heal much faster, which improves the lives of the injured and makes them recover faster. This allows the hospitals to help more people. What’s bad is that there is not a single hospital that has VAC devices left. That is why we are looking for companies, organizations and donors who are able to donate larger amounts. That way we can buy the VAC devices and help hospitals in Ukraine much faster. So if you want to donate, please! And if you have ideas to help get us the attention of sponsors, please, do not hesitate to contact us.”

Press release: Urgent money needed for medical assistance to the Ukrainian wounded

Tanya van Workum of the Djakoejoe Foundation is in direct contact with a surgeon who
works in one of the Ukrainian hospitals. According to the surgeon, there are currently
hundreds of injured people who need to be treated for wounds: “These are gunshot and
shrapnel wounds, but also very serious injuries to limbs and even amputations. There is a
major shortage of materials for the VAC devices for medical care to injured Ukrainians. They
help to heal the wounds that people suffer from – faster. We urgently need money to
purchase these materials for wound care. The materials save lives and accelerate the healing
process. With sufficient medical supplies, we will be able to help many people on a daily

Money for wound care: send supplies where they are needed most

Tanya van Workum, originally from Ukraine, is chairman of the Djakoejoe Foundation in Oss.
She has been living in the Netherlands for 12 years now. Because of her business, she is in
touch with her home country often. “There are no words to describe how much suffering there
is. There is fighting in many places in the country, such as at Bachmoet, where there are
many victims. We use the donations to purchase materials in the Netherlands and Belgium
and take them to different places in Ukraine. We partner with other foundations for transport.
We previously supplied dozens of pumps, but the materials for these devices have now run
out. Money is now urgently needed for that.”

Donate tax-friendly money for wound care

We encourage everyone to donate via bank account NL40BUNQ2068828634 in the name of:
Foundation Djakoejoe. The foundation has an ANBI status, so donations are tax-deductible.
Every gift, no matter how big or small, can make a difference for the victims in Ukraine.
‘Djakoejoe’ is Ukrainian for ‘Thank you’.

Stoves for Ukraine

The terrible bombing of civilian targets was the reason to set up our campaign ‘Stoves for Ukraine’.
Sander de Kramer and David van Kaam have now sent 10,000 heaters and various generators to
Ukraine. Because of our contacts at local hospitals, we were able to arrange generators for the
operating rooms of 3 hospitals in Mykolaiv.A total of 12 units (with accessories) are now on their way
to Ukraine. The local people are very grateful for this.

We would like to thank Sander en David for the collaboration and transporting the equipment.

We are also involved in a new project where we want to provide 650 refugees with tents, camp beds
and sleeping bags. Contributions to achieving this goal are very much appreciated!

Sander de Kramer met cameraploeg voor een vrachtwagen met generatoren voor het ziekenhuis.
Sander de Kramer with camera crew in front of a truck with generators for the hospital.
De generator van HBM.
The stove from HBM.

Patient monitoring monitors

Patient monitoring monitors

We recently received a request from a hospital in southern Ukraine. This small hospital
doesn’t have enough resources to provide good care. It currently has 30 people in ICU and
only 1 monitor for patient monitoring. With the help of the Djakoejoe Foundation, 10 monitors
are now on their way to this hospital.

Surgeon in hospital in southern Ukraine

Do you also want to contribute to our campaigns and actions for supplies and aid that actually
arrive where they are most needed? Support us.

Other news about this initiative:

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