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Kinderdorp Zatyshok

Children’s Village Zatyshok supports children in Ukraine affected by the war – More help is needed!

The war in Ukraine has had devastating consequences for many children. They have been injured, have lost family or parents, become homeless, and are no longer able to attend school. Many children carry deep traumas with them. Attention and assistance for these children are urgently needed. In a child-friendly environment, they can once again be children and play carefree. They meet peers and can participate in educational and recreational activities. This helps them positively cope with their struggles. 

Children’s Village Zatyshok is full of love and hope

One of the initiatives in Ukraine that the Djakuju Foundation supports to help children is the children’s village “Zatyshok.” It was established with the aim of assisting children who have been displaced by the war. Zatyshok provides a home for over 100 children aged 3 to 18 years old. Some of the children in the children’s village were already residing in an orphanage before the war. These children were already a highly vulnerable group, and now, during the war, they have become even more vulnerable. Additionally, there are children in the village who have lost their parents due to the war. There are families living there who have been torn apart, such as mothers with multiple children and grandparents with grandchildren. In addition to shelter, Zatyshok provides all the children residing there with food, medical care, education, clothing, and rehabilitation.

In an area of 1000 square meters, Zatyshok provides a safe environment for children fleeing from the war. In the village, the children are protected and assisted by anyone who is willing and able to help. Several private entrepreneurs have taken on the responsibility of maintenance. There are people involved who have big hearts. The place is full of love and hope.

Zatyshok faces a significant shortage of material resources

They are in need of many things to properly set up the children’s village. Some of the urgent needs include:

  1. A playground for children: The playground would provide a fun and safe place for the children to play and relax. Various play equipment is required.
  2. A sports field: This is crucial so that the children can engage in sports activities and expend their energy.
  3. Installation of wardrobe cabinets: Placing wardrobe cabinets at the entrance would allow for neat storage of the children’s clothing, creating a tidier environment.

Assistance is needed to make this happen.

Djakoejoe Foundation wants to help!

Djakoejoe Foundation is reaching out to businesses, organizations, and clubs to help properly equip the children’s village. This can be done by “adopting” a play equipment or wardrobe cabinet. The adopted item can then be labeled with the name of the company, and social media posts will be made to acknowledge the contribution. The construction of a sports field requires a substantial investment, and we are seeking sponsors and the assistance of charitable organizations to support this endeavor.

About Djakoejoe Foundation:

Tanya van Workum, a Dutch entrepreneur who is originally from Ukraine, is the chairperson of Djakoejoe Foundation. The foundation, in collaboration with businesses and numerous volunteers, provides emergency humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Additionally, the foundation aims to support the Ukrainian population with sustainable reconstruction efforts and the promotion of local entrepreneurship after the war.

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