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Djakoejoe Foundation Donates Medical Supplies with the Help of ViaSana Clinic

The Djakoejoe Foundation has once again been able to donate medical supplies to a hospital in Ukraine. This was made possible thanks to the generous support of ViaSana Clinic in Mill, together with various suppliers and Maasziekenhuis Pantein. ViaSana has a partnership with Maasziekenhuis Pantein. By combining the efforts of these parties, two full pallets of essential medical supplies are on their way to Ukraine.

Djakoejoe Foundation Collaborates with Various Companies

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the Djakoejoe Foundation has been collaborating with other organizations and companies. These partnerships have proven to be invaluable. ViaSana Clinic, located in Mill, asked its suppliers to donate medical supplies that they could spare. Several suppliers responded, resulting in two full pallets of medical aids and bandages. Additionally, other essential items were collected, crucial for medical professionals in Ukraine.

Medical Aid En Route to Ukraine

After the collection, the next concern is to get the aid to its destination. Djakoejoe Foundation received help from a local company in this regard. Vervoort Transport & Logistics from Cuijk transported the goods from Mill to Vught, to the Foundation for Aid to Ukraine. There, along with other goods such as food, clothing, and blankets, they will be safely transported to Ukraine. “At Vervoort Logistics, we believe in the power of collaboration and compassion, and we are happy to contribute to connecting our business activities with these core values,” says Joris Vervoort, Director of Vervoort Transport & Logistics.

About Djakoejoe Foundation‌

Djakoejoe Foundation is a Dutch charity organization dedicated to supporting the Ukrainian population with (emergency) aid and sustainable reconstruction. They achieve this by collecting money and goods, supporting local initiatives, and encouraging local entrepreneurship. Currently, the Foundation is working to create a playground and sports field at Zatyshok children’s village for displaced children in Ukraine. Will you help?

The chairman of the Djakoejoe Foundation is entrepreneur Tanya van Workum, who is originally from Ukraine. In collaboration with companies and numerous volunteers, the foundation provides acute humanitarian aid in Ukraine. It also aspires to support the Ukrainian population with sustainable reconstruction after the war by stimulating local entrepreneurship.

For more information about Djakoejoe Foundation, contact Tanya van Workum at

How You Can Help Ukraine

Djakoejoe Foundation is in direct contact with medical personnel in Ukraine to organize the right help and ensure it reaches the right places. Donate now and activate your network to raise funds. Together, we can save lives!

Thanks to Djakoejoe Foundation’s ANBI status, you can donate in a tax-friendly manner. Learn more on the Belastingdienst website.

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